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upcoming novel ?

Creative autobiographical memoir novel/book about Brennen's early life and adolescent years through college and graduate school and all the ups and downs along the way.


Synopsis: After the undergrad degree and graduate school (one year left): what's happened since? His family's life: both Mom and Dad's, what happened to Michael? Why did Brennen (B), get diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), and Michael did not? How did B get the disease - was it genetic? Was it hard for his family trying to live their lives with B being sick? Or was it harder for Brennen, knowing he was sick, and knowing he was holding his family back? And too, holding back his friends. Or perhaps what has happened to all of his old hospital friends and their families ? What about others that received transplanted lungs? 

This project is on pause.  Brennen did not have a title for his novel/book, so it will remain 'UNTITLED' for now.

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Check out some writing samples above. 
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